The Group


The SOUTHSIDE PIRATES (RG) was established Nov. 2009 in Arizona as a riding group for couples that love to ride. However, it is not just a couples riding group. Our group is open to single riders as well. We are a group of fun-loving people that love to ride and socialize. We not only ride together, but enjoy many other fun activities which serves to strengthen our Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

SOUTHSIDE PIRATES (RG) is not a club. There are no Officers, Bylaws or Dues. The Founders along with the Site Administrator will see to it that everything runs as smoothly as possible, as well as keeping the website updated.

We Promote motorcycle safety and awareness, compassion and respect for others. We respect all motorcycle clubs and groups. Please feel free to drop in to our Guest Book and say hello. If this sounds like it might be something for you, then contact one of the founders listed on this website for more info on how it works.


There is a list of all our members on the roster and they are listed in the order they became members.  Each member on the roster takes turn planning their ride event (every other weekend) in the order they were placed on the roster.  As the leader of their posted ride, they post their ride event information on our private highly secured Facebook group site (using Facebook’s event feature) for everyone to review.  Planned rides can be in-town barhops, out-of-town day rides, or overnight runs.  All members are responsible for their own cost of the event (meals, lodging, etc.).  All planned rides should be posted no later than the Thursday before the ride.

There is no obligation to participate on all rides.  No pressure.  Members will have other plans at any given time, but with rotating ride planners, there should always be a ride available.  If anyone decides to leave the group, the founders or admins simply remove them from the roster and cancel all access to our websites.

Remember, WE ARE NOT A CLUB and should never be referred to as such.

All members should carry at least liability insurance.  Any accidents should be between our members and the other parties involved and the group will not be held accountable.  The riding group as a whole is not to be litigated against in the event of an accident.

If members are not able to plan their ride for their scheduled weekend, they will contact a founding member (Dag, Blondie, 3Rock, or Melon).  In this event, there are also alternate ride planners in place for coverage.  The alternate ride planners are Dag, Tat-Daddy, Half Sack, and/or Quicksand.

Perspective new members will ride us a minimum of 3-5 times including other social functions.  The decision for offering membership will be determined by the majority of participating members.